Gotta Catch ’Em All!

If you haven’t figured it out before I can tell you that I’m a huuuuuge sciencebuff, especially when it comes to subjects that I’m really into. So some time ago and after a lot of discussions I decided to build a database via PubMed to gather studies conducted on babywearing/carrying.

Why? Because the studies matter, the science that we do have matters and I guess simply because I’ve had it with infographs and/or articles being shared and regarded as “science”. We can do better than that!

How? I have focused my searches on different variations (and spelling) of the following words: carrying, babywearing, sling, wrap and carrier. I figured that if a study had none of those words in it… it was probably not that relevant. The terms/words, except for babywearing, gives a lot of hits on totally different subjects. Variations of “carrier” gives a lot of hits on a patient carrying a certain gene, “sling” brings up bloodvessel anomalies and “wrap” gives a lot of hits related to surgeries.
I try to update as soon as I find (or stumble upon) a study that is relevant. Hopefully, I’ll find the time to do the same kind of search on other platforms (who indexes other scientific journals).

So, feel free to check it out and use it however you may choose:

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